• American Horror Story Coven

    Season 3 of the FX anthology series is filming in New Orleans. The team and I have been part of the second, "double up" crew working on each episode so far.

  • Occult Pilot

    Occult Pilot

    The Occult pilot for ABC Studios took us to the Bywater area of New Orleans the better part of a week. The shuttered Naval base was the site of a rave scene that opens the episode as well as the location for various stunt set pieces. 

  • More mud

    More mud

    Drenching rains overnight made getting around in the morning a challenge on set.

  • Bonnie & Clyde

    Bonnie & Clyde

    Going into the third week of production on the Bonnie & Clyde mini series for Sony Television. These drenching Louisiana rains created unbelievable mud the last couple of days. Pass vans stuck in the mud, filming delayed, patience tested but the show must go on. Our sets were so deep in the woods, we we're rocking the portable sound cart on a gator! My trusty crew of Matt Armstrong on Boom and Daniel Kuzilla, Utility sound are back, helping me fight for good sound in the maelstrom that is television production. Every department but us is working for camera, so we must zig and zag, fleet of foot and quick of mind to stay ahead of the constant changes of the day. We enjoy the challenge and are rewarded for it. Our directer, Bruce Beresford is old school professional, a pleasure to work with. He knows what he wants, which makes our job easier.